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Ulla Johnson

Born and raised in Manhattan, the daughter of archaeologists, Ulla Johnson honed her signature style between the streets of New York and the far-flung destinations of their family travels. Her eponymous line, founded in 1998 just after her graduation from university, immediately caught the attention of the fashion press. She has never wavered on her steadfast attention to the details of construction that have become her hallmark, basing each of her collections on a foundation of natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and ease of fit and form. 

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Ulla Johnson Flora DressUlla Johnson Flora Dress
Ulla Johnson Flora Dress Sale price$1,830
Ulla Johnson Veda GownUlla Johnson Veda Gown
Ulla Johnson Veda Gown Sale price$1,210
Ulla Johnson Kalena DressUlla Johnson Kalena Dress
Ulla Johnson Solara SkirtUlla Johnson Solara Skirt
Ulla Johnson Solara Skirt Sale price$1,070
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Laila TopUlla Johnson Laila Top
Ulla Johnson Laila Top Sale price$504 Regular price$720
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Matilda TopUlla Johnson Matilda Top
Ulla Johnson Matilda Top Sale price$746 Regular price$1,065
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Kendra TopUlla Johnson Kendra Top
Ulla Johnson Kendra Top Sale price$368 Regular price$525
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Annisa SkirtUlla Johnson Annisa Skirt
Ulla Johnson Annisa Skirt Sale price$615 Regular price$878
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Leilani SkirtUlla Johnson Leilani Skirt
Ulla Johnson Leilani Skirt Sale price$466 Regular price$665
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Josephine SkirtUlla Johnson Josephine Skirt
Ulla Johnson Josephine Skirt Sale price$557 Regular price$795
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Eden DressUlla Johnson Eden Dress
Ulla Johnson Eden Dress Sale price$466 Regular price$665
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Malie DressUlla Johnson Malie Dress
Ulla Johnson Malie Dress Sale price$504 Regular price$720
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Carina DressUlla Johnson Carina Dress
Ulla Johnson Carina Dress Sale price$466 Regular price$665
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Aurora DressUlla Johnson Aurora Dress
Ulla Johnson Aurora Dress Sale price$634 Regular price$905
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Emery PantUlla Johnson Emery Pant
Ulla Johnson Emery Pant Sale price$438 Regular price$625
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Isabel DressUlla Johnson Isabel Dress
Ulla Johnson Isabel Dress Sale price$634 Regular price$905
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Monika TopUlla Johnson Monika Top
Ulla Johnson Monika Top Sale price$413 Regular price$590
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Antonia Embellished Sling BackUlla Johnson Antonia Embellished Sling Back
Ulla Johnson Antonia Embellished Sling Back Sale price$768 Regular price$1,280
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Lilliana BlouseUlla Johnson Lilliana Blouse
Ulla Johnson Lilliana Blouse Sale price$328 Regular price$655
Save 30%Ulla Johnson Lydia PantUlla Johnson Lydia Pant
Ulla Johnson Lydia Pant Sale price$573 Regular price$819
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Cybil DressUlla Johnson Cybil Dress
Ulla Johnson Cybil Dress Sale price$532 Regular price$1,063
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Delia GownUlla Johnson Delia Gown
Ulla Johnson Delia Gown Sale price$747 Regular price$1,245
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Hazel PantsUlla Johnson Hazel Pants
Ulla Johnson Hazel Pants Sale price$399 Regular price$665
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Dax SkirtUlla Johnson Dax Skirt
Ulla Johnson Dax Skirt Sale price$477 Regular price$795
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Delilah DressUlla Johnson Delilah Dress
Ulla Johnson Delilah Dress Sale price$966 Regular price$1,610
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Katerina DressUlla Johnson Katerina Dress
Ulla Johnson Katerina Dress Sale price$447 Regular price$745
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Helena DressUlla Johnson Helena Dress
Ulla Johnson Helena Dress Sale price$510 Regular price$850
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Shira Fringe Sling BackUlla Johnson Shira Fringe Sling Back
Ulla Johnson Shira Fringe Sling Back Sale price$585 Regular price$975
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Ninia Riding BootUlla Johnson Ninia Riding Boot
Ulla Johnson Ninia Riding Boot Sale price$698 Regular price$1,395
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Idalia DressUlla Johnson Idalia Dress
Ulla Johnson Idalia Dress Sale price$789 Regular price$1,315
Save 60%Ulla Johnson Maxine SkirtUlla Johnson Maxine Skirt
Ulla Johnson Maxine Skirt Sale price$368 Regular price$919
Save 60%Ulla Johnson Mirabelle TopUlla Johnson Mirabelle Top
Ulla Johnson Mirabelle Top Sale price$328 Regular price$819
Save 40%Ulla Johnson Golda DressUlla Johnson Golda Dress
Ulla Johnson Golda Dress Sale price$553 Regular price$922
Save 60%Ulla Johnson Beatriz VestUlla Johnson Beatriz Vest
Ulla Johnson Beatriz Vest Sale price$364 Regular price$910
Save 70%Ulla Johnson Sascha DressUlla Johnson Sascha Dress
Ulla Johnson Sascha Dress Sale price$255 Regular price$850
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Minorca MaillotUlla Johnson Minorca Maillot
Ulla Johnson Minorca Maillot Sale price$290 Regular price$580
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Paz CoverupUlla Johnson Paz Coverup
Ulla Johnson Paz Coverup Sale price$163 Regular price$325
Save 50%Ulla Johnson Odelia MaillotUlla Johnson Odelia Maillot
Ulla Johnson Odelia Maillot Sale price$273 Regular price$545