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Silvia Tcherassi

Silvia Tcherassi is a renowned fashion designer known for her luxurious and innovative designs. Born in Colombia, Tcherassi has made a significant impact on the fashion industry with her unique aesthetic and attention to detail. She began her career in the 1980s as a fashion editor and stylist before launching her eponymous fashion brand. Tcherassi's designs are characterized by their vibrant colors, bold prints, and sophisticated silhouettes. She draws inspiration from her Latin American heritage, incorporating elements of traditional craftsmanship and cultural motifs into her collections. Tcherassi is celebrated for her ability to blend classic elegance with modern sensibilities, creating garments that are both timeless and contemporary.

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Save 30%Silvia Tcherassi Janina BlouseSilvia Tcherassi Janina Blouse
Silvia Tcherassi Janina Blouse Sale price$791 Regular price$1,130
Save 30%Silvia Tcherassi Claudia SkirtSilvia Tcherassi Claudia Skirt
Silvia Tcherassi Claudia Skirt Sale price$1,015 Regular price$1,450
Save 30%Silvia Tcherassi Ivanova DressSilvia Tcherassi Ivanova Dress
Silvia Tcherassi Ivanova Dress Sale price$1,918 Regular price$2,740
Save 30%Silvia Tcherassi Adila DressSilvia Tcherassi Adila Dress
Silvia Tcherassi Adila Dress Sale price$1,127 Regular price$1,610