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Moussy is a Japanese fashion brand that specializes in premium denim and casual wear. Established in 2000, Moussy is known for its focus on denim which often features vintage-inspired styles, distressed details, and a lived-in aesthetic, providing a sense of effortless cool and authenticity using the highest quality materials.

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Moussy Vintage Whitmar Straight Low JeansMoussy Vintage Whitmar Straight Low Jeans
Moussy Vintage Mallard Slim Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Mallard Slim Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Mckendree ShortsMoussy Vintage Mckendree Shorts
Moussy Vintage Graterford ShortsMoussy Vintage Graterford Shorts
Moussy Vintage Maplecrest Boys Pants JeansMoussy Vintage Maplecrest Boys Pants Jeans
Moussy Vintage Foxwood Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Foxwood Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Willowen Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Willowen Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Rancho Gusset Cargo PantsMoussy Vintage Rancho Gusset Cargo Pants
Moussy Vintage Scofield Gusset Cargo PantsMoussy Vintage Scofield Gusset Cargo Pants
Moussy Vintage Sundown Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Sundown Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Graceland Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Graceland Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Widtsoe Wide Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Widtsoe Wide Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Murrieta Wide StraightMoussy Vintage Murrieta Wide Straight
Moussy Vintage Seagraves Straight JeansMoussy Vintage Seagraves Straight Jeans
Moussy Vintage Bostonia Straight-Low JeansMoussy Vintage Bostonia Straight-Low Jeans
Moussy Odessa Wide Straight JeansMoussy Odessa Wide Straight Jeans
Moussy Ashleys Wide Straight Jeans
Moussy Gallagher Straight JeansMoussy Gallagher Straight Jeans
Save 50%Moussy Fraser Cargo PantsMoussy Fraser Cargo Pants
Moussy Fraser Cargo Pants Sale price$220 Regular price$440
Save 50%Moussy Nashville ShortsMoussy Nashville Shorts
Moussy Nashville Shorts Sale price$158 Regular price$315
Save 50%Moussy Shirleys Shorts
Moussy Shirleys Shorts Sale price$183 Regular price$365
Save 50%Moussy Pelion ShortsMoussy Pelion Shorts
Moussy Pelion Shorts Sale price$173 Regular price$345
Save 40%Moussy Clara Del Mar ShirtMoussy Clara Del Mar Shirt
Moussy Clara Del Mar Shirt Sale price$237 Regular price$395